Rhythm From Space

Separations in time created by difference in space

Performance for

Deptford X Arts Festival

A 15 minute performance 2.30pm Saturday 17th July 2021        Deptford Park, Grinstead Rd, London SE8 5BN


Separations in space experienced  as shifting rhythm patterns.

Four drummers move in a choreographed pattern, beating simultaneously throughout. A single beat transforms into a polyrhythm as they walk apart. The simultaneous events become rhythmic as they shift through space and time.

The audience can transform their perceived rhythm pattern by moving through the landscape. 

Spatial rhythm pattern created by four drummers in Deptford Park.

Visualizing the audible but invisible rhythm pattern formations as the drummers approach their final positions.

Drummers move through four rhythm constellations during the performance.
The simultaneous single beat is heard separating into a double, triple and then a 2:3 polyrhythm.

Four drummers move through Deptford Park.

Choreographed rhythm pattern.