Tom Foulsham Works

B♭ Minor Arrangement for 3 Musicians and 1300 Meters, performed for London Contemporary Music Festival 2022 and Chilgok Transmedia Arts Festival, South Korea 2023.

Creating rhythm from the changing space between musicians and audience. Three notes played simultaneously slip apart through space and time, like thunder and lightning seen and heard from a distance.

Rhythmic separations are created by differences in space. The performance evokes loss and separation as the minor chord is stretched and calls across the landscape.


Choreographed visualizations of energy.

Surface 1 Chilgok Transmedia Arts Festival, South Korea 2023

Underwater speakers, play chords below audible frequency, rippling a water surface and distorting light.

Surface 2 Rhythmic patterns, created by underwater oscillators, meet on a lake surface. The rhythmic energy dissipates across the water surface creating complex, geometric interference patterns.

Surface 3 Dancers in ripple making dress interact with each other, moving up and down to create rhythmic ripple patterns.

Inside Out

An independently moving mechanical puppet house slowly moves through itself, performing an endlessly repeating cycle. Transitioning through it’s front door, there becomes no inside or outside, just constant motion.